2019 TERM-1, tutoring start from Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Enrol for Term-1 2019

Getting Started

  1. Assessment is your first step before we start your tutoring lessons.
  2. Have a word with your tutor and let them know about subject areas which you are finding difficult to learn.
  3. Please share with us if you got your last school report available.
  4. We will prepare a Goal Plan for you based upon the assessment, school report and discussions.

During the Term

  1. Your tutor will give you homework every lesson. Your homework will be marked by the tutor.
  2. You can bring other problems from your school homework to the lesson.
  3. Your tutor will give you short test on the syllabus dot point covered every few lessons.
  4. Your verbal feedback to the tutor about your understanding of the topic learnt would determine the pace of further learning.
  5. At the end of term (Week-10), you will be given a test from all of the term topics.

    End of Term Feedback

    We will provide you detailed Progress report at the end of Term. This report would mention the subject areas covered during the term, your topic tests marks, general comments about your progress and also areas of further improvement.

    A Stress-Free and Fun Learning Environment.

    Let us help you !