Preparation for the Selective Schools and Opportunity Class tests in small groups

Program outline

The entrance test demands superior Numeracy, Literacy and Writing skills from the students. Our Primary school tutoring course encompasses the contents of all the test components .i.e. Reading, Mathematics, General Ability and Writing Test. Other than the tutorials, the students sit in entrance exam style practice test every week.

Course strengths for better test score

Time management - Other than the accuracy of answer, regular weekly testing improves the speed of student to answer questions in time.

Understanding questions - This course helps students comprehend the test question and minimise silly mistakes.

Feedback to parents

To make parents aware of student's progress, weekly test scores are shared with parents.

Selective test : Areas of Study



Revise primary maths concepts such as algebra, area and volume, shapes, patterns, time & distance, money, unit conversions etc.

Working on worded maths problems



Develop reading abilities to identify key points in a passage, Learning 20 new words every week to develop vocabulary, Introduction to various text types with exercises, Stimulus based writing



Develop logical reasoning abilities by working on problems related to pattern finding, decoding, logic deductions, geography, historical facts and vocabulary meaning.



Our weekly mock tests are based on the actual test pattern. The students answer questions in the stipulated time. This practice help our students in improving their time management skills as well as handling the exam situation with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions usually asked about Selective Exam Preparation classes

  • How would I know about my child's progress ?

    • A written progress report at the end of school term
    • Face to face meeting with tutor
    • Marked homework with tutor's comments is sent home every week
  • How many students are there per group?

    We offer one-on-one private tutoring lessons. In case of group tutoring, the group sizes are kept small with a view to provide personalized attention to each student. The group size vary between 2 to 7 students.

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