Courses for Primary School students

Get the basics right first!

The early learning can be a fun for kids when numeracy and literacy building blocks are taught through everyday life activities.

Getting over learning difficulties

Keeping in view the kid's initial grasp of numeracy and literacy skills, the tutor sets the pace of learning. The skill gaps are filled by correcting the repetitive mistakes and boosting their confidence by praising every little improvement in student's skill level.

Transition to High School

We conduct workshops in Year-6 to go over primary Maths and English topics. An in-depth knowledge of mathematical concepts like Fractions, Decimals, Geometry helps students making a head start into the high school.

English and Mathematics (K -6)

Mathematics (Numeracy Skills)

Mathematics (Numeracy Skills)

Students from Years K to 6 love this program which builds confidence and skills in all number operations, space and measurement and develops strategies for solving both routine and complicated word problems. The main aim of the coaching lesson is to develop number sense.

Lots of work is done on the basic facts of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in order to equip students with a natural feel for numbers and how they relate to one another. This is essential for success at high school.

English - Reading and Writing

English - Reading and Writing

This program covers reading comprehension and written expression of a number of text types such as narratives, information reports and poetry. Creative writing from these groups is displayed on our noticeboard from time to time or included in our newsletter. Students also study grammar, punctuation and spelling, and develop their vocabulary and general knowledge.

Students who are not good readers need to learn how to decode unknown short words and longer words with ease, confidence and speed. As their speed increases they can visualise what they are reading and so comprehend it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions usually asked about Primary School course

  • How would I know about my child's progress ?

    We provide you continuous feedback about your child's progress:

    • A written progress report at the end of school term
    • Face to face meeting with tutor
    • Marked homework with tutors comments is sent home every week
  • How many students are there per group?

    We offer one-on-one private tutoring lessons. In case of group tutoring, the group sizes are kept small with a view to provide personalized attention to each student. The group size vary between 2 to 5 students.

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